Pearl Jam were the music guests on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (Sept. 23), but having such an iconic band on the show, the host also welcomed all five members to his couch for a little chat as well.

During the conversation, the band spoke about performing at the Global Citizen Festival and their continued activism over the years. Eddie Vedder remarked that most of the band members were introduced to activism through listening to punk rock music and later growing up on acts like Peter Gabriel and Sting who brought Amnesty International into the spotlight.

He added, "You find yourself in a situation where you can use your music to perhaps affect change. Nowadays, lately, we've gotten better at it or we learned along the road that you can actually make tangible change and doing things like making your touring carbon neutral, we can free innocent men from prison and raise money for diseases, you can build skateparks, you know tangible things and that's huge."

Colbert joked with the band about keeping the relationship fresh by role playing and later asked about being on the Global Citizen bill with the more glamorous Beyonce and if anyone was going to pull a Sasha Fierce because "Stone Gossard already sounds like a made up name." His comment was met with laughter by the band and a nervous look when the camera zoomed in on Gossard.

As the music guests, Pearl Jam rocked a blistering version of "Mind Your Manners" (seen below) from their Lightning Bolt album, then kept the music going by playing a cover of Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" (seen above) with Colbert joining in on vocals.

The Global Citizen Festival takes place this Saturday (Sept. 26) in New York's Central Park with Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay set to perform, and Colbert is one of the hosts for the event. Get more details here.

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