Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell recently spent some time recovering from surgery enjoying a creative burst that resulted in some 60 tracks being worked through, but the singer says that the material was not necessarily all for Jane's Addiction.

Farrell tells GrungeReport.net, "There's over 60 [songs] lyrically written and then there's probably 38 recorded, but they were not Jane's Addiction, they were mine, for the next project." The vocalist went on to add, "The next project's going to be a really interesting affair, never before done in history. It's going to be immersive theater, like a musical or play. I'm going to have Jane's writing one record and then I've written another one that's electronic. It's theater, and in some cases, the scene takes place out in a place like Phuket or a region like that in a bar or a club, so you'd be listening to dance music."

The vocalist says he's already written the first, dance-related portion, but the second half is still incomplete. He added, "I have many song melodies, but they haven't been recorded or worked with Jane's Addiction yet."

Farrell also spoke about a proposed Porno for Pyros reunion and explained that his current project has cooled him on the idea for the time being. He explains, "I love all the guys in Porno and I'll always want to do it, but I've gotten so hot with this new project, now that it's in the works and moving forward, that … something really great came up. It's sort of like you were with a girl or with a guy, and then you guys broke apart, and you started getting in contact with each other, like, 'Yeah, we should see each other again sometime,' and then all of a sudden this amazing person comes into your life."

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