Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival is upon us! The Austin, Texas, music and horror film festival will open its doors on Oct. 24 and will not relent until Oct. 27. The fest is truly unique in its personality, and during Phil Anselmo's recent visit to our studios, the man behind the idea revealed everything we should look forward to from the fest.

Anselmo himself is performing two sets during the festival, one with Down and the other with his solo backing act, the Illegals. A cavalcade of awesome bands will share the Housecore stage through the festivities, including GWAR, Goblin, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Pig Destroyer + many others. Let's not forget the films! Anselmo will be screening a ton of full-length and short films including 'The Evil Dead,' 'The Manson Family,' 'Deadbeat at Dawn,' 'Nekromantik' (parts one and two), two 'Coffin Joe' classics + many more.

"The Housecore Horror Film Festival, I think, and would hope, would be three days of basically sleepless, beer-drenched, absolute unity and love of heavy metal and horror, because they've gone hand-in-hand together forever," says Anselmo.

The legendary metal frontman goes on to speak of the film submissions he's received for the fest. "Whether it be short films or full-length, feature films, I've got some amazing submissions. The submissions have been f---ing awesome. Some of them are really, just outlandishly great."

Check out our exclusive clip of Phil Anselmo talking about the very first Housecore Horror Film Festival above. To learn more about the fest, visit its official website.