It's been nearly two years since the death of Lemmy Kilmister and the subsequent end of Motorhead. Since Lem left us, drummer Mikkey Dee has gone on to join the Scorpions and riff-slinger Phil Campbell is now set to release new music under the Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons moniker.

The Age of Absurdity will mark the debut album from the band, which features his three sons, Todd (guitar), Dane (drums) and Tyla (bass), with vocalist Neil Starr rounding out the lineup. The disc was recorded at Rockfield Studios and Longwave Studios in Wales and was produced, engineered and mixed by Romesh Dodangoda with Abbey Road Studios handling the mastering job in London. The Matt Riste-created artwork can be viewed below along with the track listing, which includes a cover of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine," which Kilmister sang lead on during his tenure with the space rock outfit.

"I am really excited for the fans to hear our debut record. Every part of the process was done in Wales, from the writing, to the recording and even the artwork! The album title The Age Of Absurdity was inspired by the crazy world we live in today. The world to me seems to be a bit of a theater show so the album artwork idea just seemed to fit so well with the whole concept and album title," comments Phil Campbell.

"Writing and recording this album was a lot of fun," add Starr. "We got to record at Rockfield studios where so many great artists had been over the years, it really was inspirational. Hearing the blistering riffs that the Campbell family seem to churn out effortlessly made me ensure I pushed myself to the limits when writing the melodies and lyrics. It's an album that I, and the rest of the band, are very proud of and can't wait to share it with the world!"

Pre-orders for The Age of Absurdity will be available soon through Nuclear Blast Records, who will release the album on Jan. 26 of next year.

Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, The Age of Absurdity Artwork + Track Listing

Nuclear Blast
Nuclear Blast

01. "Ringleader"
02. "Freak Show"
03. "Skin and Bones"
04. "Gypsy Kiss"
05. "Welcome to Hell"
06. "Dark Days"
07. "Dropping the Needle"
08. "Step Into the Fire"
09. "Get On Your Knees"
10. "High Rule"
11. "Into the Dark"
12. "Silver Machine" (Hawkwind cover feat. Dave Brock of Hawkwind)*
* only to be included in the first pressing of the CD version of the album

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