Philip Anselmo has performed for a ton of bands, but to this day, Anselmo still regards Pantera as the tightest. What formed the ultra-tight bond between Anselmo, Dimebag Darrell, Rex Brown and Vinnie Paul? Phil describes the legendary band’s chemistry in detail right here.

Anyone who saw Pantera live will tell you what a colossal force they were in concert. Few acts can match the precision and ferocity of Pantera while on the road night after night, and according to Anselmo, Pantera could play any style of music and remain superb. “Any style they felt like emulating at the time, it sounded so authentic,” Anselmo recalls. “If they wanted to sound like U2, they could sound like U2 … We did a fake Corona commercial one time. It turned out so good, we all went home with cassette copies. Where that is, I’ll never know.”

When asked if Phil has even detected a slight hint of Panera’s unique tightness in any of his other projects, the frontman answered, “[Down’s] musicianship is supposed to be a little more slippery and loose on purpose … I think the style itself is a little bit more loose, so it’s not really a fair comparison. Same thing goes for Superjoint, a little bit of looseness does us good. The Illegals, at points in time were very tight, but I’ve got to stick with Pantera, man. Overall, just so g-d damn, superbly tight.”

Watch Philip Anselmo delve into the gritty details of Pantera and his other projects in the clip above. Phil’s newest concoction, an album with horror favorite Bill Moseley, is now available to pick up.

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