Pantera fanatics will get a new perspective into the world of the "Cowboys From Hell" with A Vulgar Display of Pantera. The authorized book features 400 pages of photos and Rolling Stone is offering an in-depth look into what the collection of memories will offer, with bassist Rex Brown and singer Philip Anselmo reminiscing about the band's history as they look a some of the photos from the book.

Brown provides the foreword to A Vulgar Display of Pantera, while longtime band photographer Joe Giron put together the collection of images. Brown calls Giron the act’s “fifth member,” making it clear just how personal these never-before-seen photos are.

In the Rolling Stone feature, Anselmo and Brown provide deeper insight into the moments captured throughout this book. With one of the first Anselmo-era photos (taken in 1987), Brown writes, “That's probably one of the first pictures we have with Philip in the band. We still had the f—ing stupid looking hair. I mean, look at Vinnie on the right. What the hell? All of us had those stupid shades on. It's almost Steel Panther–ish.”

With a photo depicting some of Pantera’s final moments during 2001, Anselmo remembers a shift taking place in metal’s musical landscape. “This is the Reinventing the Steel tour, where I was warned beforehand, ‘Man, heavy metal's kinda going down the drain. There's this nu-metal kinda moving in, which has different elements and heavy metal's on its way out.’ Yeah. And I'm looking at a sold-out stadium right here. This just goes to show once again that Pantera has the greatest fans in the world,” Anselmo says.

A Vulgar Display of Pantera comes out Sept. 13 via Lesser Gods publishing. Head over to Rolling Stone to get more insight from Anselmo and Brown about the photos, and click here to pre-order the photo book.

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