The nihilistic sound of grind titans Pig Destroyer is set to invade Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival this weekend. Also, with the unexpected announcement that Pig Destroyer would be recruiting a bassist for the first time in their 16-year career, we've decided to brighten the spotlight currently pointed in the extreme band's direction. Our Video of the Day is 'Forgotten Child' live at CBGB's.

Yesterday (Oct. 23), Pig Destroyer revealed John Jarvis (drummer Adam Jarvis' cousin) as the band's first-ever bassist. John will make his debut with the Virginian underground legends at Housecore Horror on the festival's final day, Oct. 27, at 4:10PM, just hours after an 11AM autograph signing session.

This performance of 'Forgotten Child' is legendary amongst Pig Destroyer fans. Recorded in 2000 at New York City's underground music mecca, CBGB, the video shows PxDx in their early stages. Though guitarist Scott Hull and drummer John Evans showcase their chops, the video's centerpiece is shrieking vocalist J.R. Hayes. Early on into 'Forgotten Child,' J.R.'s microphone breaks in half. Most frontmen would seek an alternate mic to complete the song, but not this singer.

As J.R. Hayes risks blowing out his vocal chords, the extreme metal musician devotes a heroic amount of energy into maintaining the volume of his voice without the help of a mic. Brought to his knees by the end, Hayes finishes 'Forgotten Child' in top form, absolutely stunning the NYC audience through unrelenting dedication to his craft. Few concert moments truly drop your jaw and make your eyes bulge out of their sockets, but this is undoubtedly one of those times.

Check out Pig Destroyer at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival this weekend! To purchase tickets to the event, click here.