Get ready for a trip you won't soon forget as rising rock band Pinkshift are ready to take you to "Mars" with their new single.

The track itself has a timeless feel, and while it's released in 2021 you could easily send us back in a time machine and stack this one up right next to the scene bands of the early 2000s. "Mars" embodies some of the anthemic spirit from that era while also leaning into some pretty cool pop hooks as well.

Pinkshift vocalist Ashrita Kumar says, “The lyrics of the song are about the beginnings of something shiny and new. Ironically this was the song that really pulled us together to start this band — it’s full of optimism and hope for a brighter future. It feels fitting to put a spin on our original demo this year for the same message with a touch of angst.”

The Baltimore-based upstarts feature Kumar on vocals along with guitarist Paul Vallejo, drummer Myron Houngbedij and bassist Erich Weinroth providing the catchy backing.

If you're digging what you hear, Pinkshift's "Mars" is available via a variety of platforms here. It's featured on their debut EP Saccharine and you can pick up the record on vinyl or CD through their Bandcamp site along with some poster bundles. And while there, check out their recent tracks "Rainwalk," "I'm Gonna Tell My Therapist on You" and "On Thin Ice."

Pinkshift, "Mars"

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