Before tearing into this ripping new Power Trip song, close your door and lock it. Why? If you don't, someone downstairs is going to hear the ruckus from the bedroom, wondering why the chandelier is shaking. You don't want to get caught in a mosh, swinging your arms, circle-pitting by yourself, do you?

The Dallas, Texas crossover thrashers have been raging for nearly 10 years and are about to drop Nightmare Logic on the masses, following up 2013's underground favorite, Manifest Decimation. As evident by the title track above, Power Trip trim absolutely all the fat, making for the leanest, meanest thrash to hit this year, setting the bar almost unattainably high for the remainder of 2016.

With influences from Sepultura's open-note, galloping chug, they branch out from the obvious thrash influences into hardcore territory with feral breakdowns anchored by minimalist drumming that alternates a lone snare hit and single kick strike per measure for a devastating effect.

Nightmare Logic will be out Feb. 24 through Southern Lord and pre-orders can be placed at the label's website. The record was produced once again by Arthur Rizk (Inquisition, Pissgrave, Sumerlands) and will feature eight tracks spewing a message of how power and politics causes one to devalue human life.

Catch Power Trip on tour with Iron Reagan starting Feb. 24 with a list of stops found on their Facebook page.

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