Germany's power metal stalwarts Primal Fear have wrapped up their 12th studio album, Apocalypse, which is set for an Aug. 10 release. The follow-up to 2016's Rulebreaker is led by the new single, "Hounds of Justice"; watch the video above.

"Ralf is more motivated and ambitious than ever before," relays bassist and producer Mat Sinner. "The band vibe is extremely peaceful and creative these days and this really elevates Ralf. He had the opportunity to try different things on the songs and even some extreme ideas, which are always welcomed. Ralf sounds good in every pitch, from a very deep sonor voice, to a mid-range power vocal to extreme high-pitched screams, so we could fool around with all different scales and scenarios. For example, I think the vocal performance on the song 'Supernova' speaks for itself. The result on Apocalypse is utter satisfaction paired with maximum enthusiasm and we're really happy about the final result - I hope the fans will enjoy the record as much as we do!"

Apocalypse was recorded at Hansen Studios in Denmark and was mixed by engineer Jacob Hansen. Pre-order the album here and watch the music video for "Hounds of Justice" above. Check out the remainder of the album details below.

Primal Fear, Apocalypse Artwork + Track Listing

Frontiers Music Srl
Frontiers Music Srl

1. Apocalypse
2. New Rise
3. The Ritual
4. King of Madness
5. Blood, Sweat, & Fear
6. Supernova
7. Hail to the Fear
8. Hounds of Justice
9. The Beast
10. Eye of the Storm
11. Cannonball
12. Fight Against Evil (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)
13. Into the Fire (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)
14. My War Is Over (Bonus Track - Deluxe Version)

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