German power metal battalion Primal Fear are back with Apocalypse, their 12th studio album. With the bruising, pulsating rocker "Hounds of Justice" already out, they've changed gears with their next preview, a music video for the melodic "King of Madness," which can be viewed above.

This track maintains a threatening mid-tempo heft similar to "Hounds of Justice," but is flush with sublime melodies accentuated by the band's triple guitar attack. For a band with so much raging speed in their catalog, "King of Madness" gives Primal Fear some breathing room, affording frontman Ralf Scheepers to work within the grooves and melodies.

“With 'King of Madness’, we had the plan to combine Primal Fear’s raw metal attitude with the more melodic side of the band and add a little dose of dark atmosphere," says bassist and co-founder Mat Sinner. "Once we found this special location to film the video, it was clear we don’t need to use actors and another story line, plus the lyrics are loud and clear. It was the perfect location to present Primal Fear 2018. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we present you with 'King of Madness', one of the strongest Primal Fear songs ever!"

Apocalypse arrives Aug. 10 through Frontiers Music SRL and pre-orders are available here. Primal Fear are comprised of singer Ralf Scheepers, bassist Mat Sinner, drummer Francesco Jovino and guitarists Tom Naumann, Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt.

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