Every once in a while, a band comes along that bursts with palpable energy that makes them hard to ignore. Primal Rite, a hardcore band out of the Bay Area, exude this energy, and are going to make a huge impact with their upcoming debut album Dirge of Escapism, out Jan. 26 via Revelation Records. Today, they're premiering their crushing album closer "Immutable Law."

Chaos is the name of the game from the onset, with dual leads coming together to create a typhoon of noise. The band takes their influences in stride, calling from bands like hardcore legends Integrity and cult Japanese punk band Death Side that lead to a heavy vortex. But none of the music ever gets lost in influence worship, with the group instead crafting their own sound using a start-stop song structure that keeps the tempo unpredictable.

Vocalist Lucy Xavier is just as fierce as the musical backing, bringing a commanding, eviscerating presence to the rest of the music. Their signing to famed punk label Revelation Records signifies taking the torch for hardcore in a heavier direction. The debut album follows a 2017 where they released three 7" efforts, and toured with juggernauts Power Trip and Trapped Under Ice.

Hear "Immutable Law" above, and pre-order the debut album here. Check out their promo photo, tour dates and track listing below.

Primal Rite Promo Photo

Sammy Mau
Sammy Mau

Primal Rite, Dirge of Escapism 


Dirge of Escapism Track Listing:

1. Chapter Zero
2. Akumajō (Blood)
3. Antivenom
4. Interference
5. Demon
6. Sensory Link to Pain
7. Bu Zhi Chun
8. Persona
9. Ecstatic Agony
10. Immutable Law

Primal Rite 2018 Tour Dates:

Jan. 11 - San Francisco, Calif. @ Honey Hive Gallery
Jan. 26 - San Francisco, Calif. @ Thee Parkside
Jan. 27 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Top Space
Jan. 28 - Santa Cruz, Calif. @ SubRosa
April 5-8 - Washington, DC @ Damaged City Fest

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