The tyrants of blasphemy, Profanatica, have returned with Rotting Incarnation of God, their fifth full length album. The 10-track set will be released Oct. 11 through Season of Mist, and you can hear the filthy title track toward the bottom of the page.

If you're familiar with Profanatica, you know the deal — buzzsaw tones, rigid drumming, vomit-soaked vocals spewing forth unholy orders and sinister melodies, all done in the name of blasphemy of the highest order.

For the newcomers, the band plays a primeval style of black metal, resisting any notion of evolution as they remain one of the genre's foulest acts. Rotting Incarnation of God has no intentions of being an exception as conveyed by the new song.

Joining mainstay Paul Ledney (drums, vocals) on the record are Adam Besserer (guitar) and Richard Olsen (bass), who are both making their full length debut with Profanatica.

Pre-order Rotting Incarnation of God here, and view the album art (created by Paolo Girardi) and track listing beneath the video for the first single.

Profanatica, "Rotting Incarnation of God"

Profanatica, Rotting Incarnation of God Album Art + Track Listing

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

01. "Liturgy of Impurity" (03:38)
02. "Prayer in Eclipse" (02:37)
03. "Broken Jew" (03:08)
04. "Washed in the Blood of Lord" (03:49)
05. "Sacramental Cum" (06:12)
06. "Mocked, Scourged and Shit Upon" (03:17)
07. "Tithing Cunt" (03:03)
08. "Rotting Incarnation of God" (04:21)
09. "Eucharist In Ruin" (02:51)
10. "In My Kingdom" (04:32)

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