As frontman for Sex Pistols and Public Image LTD over the years, we're pretty certain John Lydon has seen his fair share of chaotic shows. During a Public Image LTD performance in Santiago, Chile over the weekend, the vocalist saw some of that chaos flying his way, when a bottle struck him, leaving a cut that resulted in some forehead bleeding. But that didn't stop Lydon from performing.

As seen in the fan shot video, there's a brief stoppage as Lydon and security scan the audience. "What a f--king coward," the vocalist exclaimed, as he toweled away some blood from his forehead. But rather than taking a moment to address his cut, Lydon took the towel, wrapped it around his head, cleared away security and crew and stated, "We continue" as he resumed the show.

Later, during the show, Lydon had to readjust his head wrap, and fan-shot footage where you can see the visible blood marks on the towel can be seen below. After the performance, Lydon posted photos of his bandaged forehead, while holding the bloody towel, as well as a couple of shots from the show, all with the same caption. In his posts he states, "Glass attack last night in Chile. No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives." See the tweets below.

Public Image LTD wrap up their current string of tour dates tonight (Aug. 16). You can keep up with the band's touring announcements here.

Public Image LTD's John Lydon Readjusts Head Wrap After Being Bottled

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