Puddle of Mudd mainman Wes Scantlin couldn't even make it through the shortest month of the year without landing in trouble twice. The embattled singer shut down another show early last night (Feb. 18) in Northampton, Pa., leaving fans downright angry, throwing items at him as he left the stage, booing his decision after scolding the sound man for roughly 10 minutes as seen in the video above and as reported by The Morning Call.

After some feedback is heard, Scantlin quickly becomes disgruntled, cursing at the man behind the board, raising both middle fingers, then walks over to his guitarist and says something in his ear. Refusing to sing the rest of the song, he verbally abuses the sound guy, saying "You wanna f--k with me, motherf--ker?" and threatens to sic the Kansas City mafia on him. Explaining all he wanted was the guitarist's vocals turned down in his monitors, Scantlin continues to provoke the sound guy, putting down his job and directing him to put male genitalia in his mouth. He tries to turn the crowd on the man, but to no avail.

The singer then issues a threat telling him to get the sound right or the band will walk offstage. Walking around onstage, feedback is heard when the microphone gets tilted back at the amps. Scantlin intentionally points the mic towards the amps again, which will always result in feedback, citing this as a problem. The crowd becomes unruly, demanding Scantlin stop ranting and begin chanting "Sing! Sing! Sing!"

Earlier in the month, Scantlin accused a fan in the crowd of stealing his house and put an abrupt end to the show in Marietta, Ohio. The frontman had lost his house in a foreclosure in 2015 and was arrested for trespassing and vandalization when he unlawfully returned. These incidents follow numerous arrests and run-ins with the law over the past few years.

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