Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Wes Scantlin in the news headlines, TMZ reports that the Puddle of Mudd frontman was in a standoff at his Los Angeles home with 30 police officers who had their guns drawn.

Scantlin has been in the news multiple times over the past few years for numerous arrests and onstage meltdowns. But this latest incident may top them all. Apparently, police received a call that a burglary was taking place in a car that was parked in Scantlin's driveway. When officers arrived, the rocker ran into his home and refused to come out. After not complying with officers orders for him to come out of his home, backup was called until there were more than 30 officers with rifles out.

After a couple of hours, the police broke down Scantlin's door and hauled him away. He was arrested for a previous warrant, but was not booked for the standoff after it turned out that he and his buddies were just trying to jump-start the car. Photos of the arrest can be seen at the TMZ link above.

The news comes only days after his Puddle of Mudd bandmates walked offstage while Scantlin was in the midst of another onstage meltdown. That was the latest of several Puddle of Mudd shows that have ended early due to Scantlin's bizarre actions.

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