Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield, who took a leave of absence from the band in 2017, has now launched a new website, dubbed 'Queensryche2021,' which seems to suggest a return of sorts is imminent.

After the birth of his son in 2017, Rockenfield took a paternity leave in order to spend time with his family. In his place, Casey Grillo (Kamelot drummer from 1997 through 2018) has filled in as a live member. Meanwhile, singer Todd La Torre played drums on Queensryche's last album, The Verdict, as Rockenfield was not involved in the sessions.

During Rockenfield's time away from the band, the rest of the members have been rather ambiguous in their comments on the founding drummer's absence, alleging they have had minimal contact with him since he first stepped away.

On Facebook, the 57-year-old drummer shared a link to the 'Queensryche2021' website and exclaimed, "R ya READY TO F****In ROCK !!!?? ....I Am !!!!!!! -- bruhahahha..." and added, "Welcome to the New World," while employing fans to "Join the Legion," the latter reflected on the site as a call to sign up using your email address.

See that post below and view the 'Queensryche2021' website here.

At the top of the site, the phrases "A brand new world" and "A brand new experience" are in view amid the Queensryche name appearing in the form of digital motion effects. Three words, "Music," "Sound," "Vision," are also seen beneath the band logo.

Earlier this year, Rockenfield refuted the notion that he had left the band. "Contrary to any statements or interviews coming from other parties, I most definitely 'did not' and 'have not' quit, walked away, retired or abandoned Queensryche??!! ... unfortunately, you have not been given the facts by any means," he wrote on Facebook in January.

Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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