Queensryche guitarist Parker Lundgren has announced he's leaving the band to focus more on other business opportunities. Late Friday (July 2), both the band and Lundgren offered statements on the move, which appears to be an amicable one.

Queensryche offered, "Hello Queensryche Fans, Parker Lundgren, guitarist for Queensryche, has recently decided to step down to pursue other business ventures, which he has become very invested in over the past couple of years. For over a decade it has been a great pleasure watching him evolve and flourish as a guitarist, songwriter, and most importantly, a wonderful human being. Parker will always be family to us and we wish him all the success in the world with his new endeavors. Take hold, Brother!"

Further explaining the situation, Lundgren revealed in his own statement, "For several years I have been deeply immersed in collecting and selling guitars, as well as rare and fascinating musical instruments. This passion led to the opening of my guitar store Diablo Guitars in 2019. Since then my business has grown and I recently acquired a storefront with a full service repair shop."

He continued, "In 2020 my wife and I opened Lucky Devil Latte, which has quickly expanded to multiple locations. With these new endeavors and ensuing responsibilities, my time to devote to Queensryche has become increasingly strained and I no longer am able to commit the time and focus it deserves."

"For these reasons I have made the difficult decision to step down from my role as guitarist in Queensryche. I want to thank my friends, family, and fans for making the past 13 years an amazing journey. I wish nothing but the best for my fellow band members, crew and everyone who has supported us. I hope to have your continued support as I pursue new ventures," said the guitarist.

While it is not known who will fill the void on a permanent basis, the band had former guitarist Mike Stone take over duties during a recent performance in Idaho. Stone played on the band's 2003 Tribe album.

The currently lineup includes singer Todd La Torre along with original guitarist Michael Wilton and original bassist Eddie Jackson. Drummer Scott Rockenfield never officially left the group but hasn't performed with the band since 2017, as Casey Grillo has filled in on tour.

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