Queensryche are moving forward with new music, but it is not known how much involvement drummer Scott Rockenfield has had in the process. The drummer stepped away from touring for a period last year after the birth of his son, with Kamelot's Casey Grillo sitting in for their remaining touring commitments. As fans have been asking, the band offered an update on Rockenfield's status.

"For those asking again about Scott and whether he has quit the band - he has not quit the band. He told us he's taking time off and we have no time frame on when he will return. We thought he would take few months off, obviously he doesn't want to tour right now. There is nothing more we can say about it and we can't be more honest about it than that," stated the group.

As part of the update, the group offered a photo of Eddie Jackson in the studio laying down bass parts with producer Chris "Zeuss" Harris. "We only have vocals and guitar solos to finish, but we're very happy with the direction of the new album," stated the band in the update.

While Grillo sat in for the tour dates, he did not join Queensryche in the studio and the revelation that only vocals and guitar solos remain would seem to indicate that the drums have already been tracked for the band's next studio album. This will be the band's third studio album since Todd La Torre took over as vocalist.

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