Just think about how formative your teenage years were in developing your love of music. Now imagine what it must have been like for Queensyrche's Todd La Torre and you start to understand how crucial those teen years were to developing the artist that you know today.

La Torre was gracious enough to take this trip down memory lane with us, sharing the key albums from his youth that have stood the test of time in developing his artistic vision. In fact, he's now fronting one of the band's that was a key building block in his musical education.

As you might expect, La Torre grew up with a healthy diet of power vocals, thunderous drums beats, impressive guitar riffs and acts delivering some of the heaviest music of the day. And in this list, he goes heavy on the harder influences from his teen years.

But as La Torre himself asked us to note, "These are just 10 of my favorites from those early years growing up in my teens, shaping my musical abilities etc., and I could easily name more. A few honorable mentions would be the greatest hits album by Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Billy Joel, Steely Dan and The Eagles, just to name a small handful. Aside from metal, my other real love of music is primarily from the ‘70s, from pop, rock and R&B. Thanks so much to Loudwire for the interest and support from all of us in Queensryche!!!"

Queensryche are currently ramping up to the Oct. 7 street date for their Digital Noise Alliance album, and it's entirely possible that that a teen may one day be declaring this as one of the influential albums of their youth. But you can make that determination for yourself by picking up the album here.

Check out La Torre's picks for his 10 Favorite Albums from when he was a teenager along with his commentary below and catch Queensryche on the road this fall by picking up tickets here.

Queensryche, "In Extremis"

Queensryche's Todd La Torre - My 10 Favorite Albums When I Was a Teenager

What did the singer choose?

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers, Loudwire

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