The collaborative effort between Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Pain / Hypocrisy mainman Peter Tagtgren (billed as a solo effort under the moniker Lindemann) was strictly a studio project until recently when the singer joined Pain onstage to perform the quirky Lindemann song "Praise Abort."

Walking out for the first song of the encore in Hamburg on Nov. 9, Pain took the stage (video above) with the iconic and hulking Lindemann for the project's live debut. As the crowd clapped and screamed, the blinding lights from the stage began flickering as the vocal intro to "Praise Abort" poured through the speakers. The crowd showed their support for the Skills in Pills track, continuing to scream and sing the words aloud with fists and horns held high.

"The lyrics are about a friend of Till’s and they’re eating him alive including his ex-wife," Tagtgren told Loudwire in a 2015 interview. "He has no money left because they’re all taking it from alimony. It’s based on a friend of Till’s life."

As for the gruesome music video, Tagtgren continued, "The video we can always blame on the director. [laughs] The first time he ever met me, we talked about doing the video and stuff, he pointed to me and Till and said, 'You guys are pigs.' That was it. We go off and say, 'Yes sir.' That’s how it started and we started going bananas with this story."

"My family knows me doing these things," Lindemann offered when asked about his family's reaction to the video. "They can read between the lines and know the dark humor, they’re used to it. My kids started laughing when they saw it for the first time."

It's likely fans won't see the Lindemann hit the road as Tagtgren is busy promoting Pain's newest album, Coming Home and Rammstein are projected to release a new record some time next year.

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