There are some new updates, courtesy of the website, regarding the ongoing saga of incarcerated Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe, who is currently in a jail in Prague in the Czech Republic facing possible manslaughter charges.

Blythe has been detained despite posting bail due to the country's legal logistics and that fact that the bail system is not as swift with its processing as, say, the U.S. The vocalist's attorney Martin Radvan and clerk Tomáš Morysek shared some details, like the fact that the singer is learning Mongolian while behind bars and that he has not complained once about his situation.

The band's manager Larry Mazer also conducted an interview with the site. The interviews were transcribed by Blabbermouth.

Morysek revealed that Blythe was completely and totally blindsided by the arrest and had no idea a fan had perished after an incident with him. That fan, 19-year-old Daniel N., died after he developed bleeding on the brain from head injuries he sustained after a supposed altercation with Blythe while onstage on in 2010.

"[Randy] was in complete shock [when he found out about the fan's passing]," said Morysek. "For two whole years he never knew that someone had died after the band's concert in Prague and he had no chance at all to deal with it. I am convinced that if he had known about it, he wouldn't have shied away from facing criminal prosecution."

Morysek also shed some light as to why Blythe remains in custody despite posting bail. "In every other country, the accused would have been released once the bail had been met. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Czech Criminal Procedure Code," he shared.

Blythe is apparently making the most of his time while imprisoned. He's learning Mongolian, since he shares a cell with a Mongol. "There's a Mongol with him, so Randy is learning some Mongolian phrases from him and the Mongol is picking up a few English words," he said.

Surprisingly, Blythe hasn't bemoaned his situation -- although no one could blame him if he did. "But he hasn't complained about anything. We already went to see him twice. He is still quite confused about the whole thing," Morysek said.

As for manager Larry Mazer, he shed some light on the situation, as well. He revealed that the singer may be detained for up to 20 days due to investigations. "It's absurd. It seems like a bad joke that Randy is sitting in your jail. He did nothing wrong. He is innocent," Mazer proclaimed.

He also contends that no one in the band's camp had any idea whatsoever about the death. "Nobody had contacted us in the last two years. My contact information is publicly available, but I never heard from the family [of the deceased fan]. We did not even hear anything about it from the concert organizer. Nobody called us to let us know," he revealed.

Mazer maintains that the promoter at the Abaton, which is where the incident occurred, was contacted three months after Daniel N. died. He did not pass the information along to the band or its handlers. Mazer explained, "I do not understand why no one got in touch with us to let us know. The boy was in a coma and then he died, and we never heard from anybody." While the Czech authorities claim to have reached out to their American counterparts, Mazer is adamant that he was not informed of the situation. He said, "No one told us anything. Do you think that I would send the band to the Czech Republic to play a concert knowing that something like this could happen? No way!"

Mazer also points out that there are multiple videos circulating online but there is no footage of the victim hitting the ground, so there is no concrete proof that Blythe is at fault.