Although the legal process has been a slow and frustrating one for Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, things may be starting to look up for the vocalist. According to Czech journalist Jonathan Crane, the Czech media has been biased against Blythe from the beginning and he adds that the person shown being tossed offstage in various YouTube videos may not be the deceased fan. He also states that Blythe's defense team has a "strong case" to protect the Lamb of God vocalist from receiving a "guilty" verdict.

Prague Post journalist Jonathan Crane recently appeared on Pittsburgh, Pa. radio station 105.9 The X, to give his expert analysis and findings regarding the Blythe case. "Obviously, there have been these videos put up on YouTube of the alleged incident," says Crane. "Lamb of God's management say this is the key to proving Blythe's innocence, that you can clearly see it's a security guard that throws a boy or a man off the stage. Now, other people I've spoken to here, who were at the gig … they say actually the man in the videos is not Daniel, the young man who unfortunately died two years ago."

Crane also discussed the way that both the Czech media and police force have been handling the incident. He explains, "At the start, the Czech tabloids were quite vociferous about Blythe and the reputation of Lamb of God, and portraying Blythe especially to be quite a violent person, an aggressive person."

He continues, "The Czech police were very uncooperative when responding to my questions. All they would say is that they investigated the case in 2010. A friend of Daniel's, who I spoke to, said that the police were investigating even before he [Daniel] had died, he was in a coma, don't forget, for two weeks before he passed away."

Crane went on to offer his opinion concerning Blythe's legal situation. "We've spoken to lawyers," says Crane. "A legal expert has said that actually, the defense team does have quite a strong case, because even if Randy Blythe did push the fan off the stage, it would be very difficult for the prosecution to prove that it was that alone that was responsible for the fan's death. They said potentially, fans could have accidentally trampled on him, on the floor, the ambulance could have taken too long to arrive -- things like that. There does seem to be a strong case for defense."

Listen to the full interview with Czech journalist Jonathan Crane in the player below.

Jonathan Crane Speaks with 105.9 The X About Randy Blythe

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