Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe has started writing a new book to follow his 2015 memoir, Dark Days. The musician revealed this week that he had completed the proposal, secured a publishing deal and already started writing a preface for the upcoming publication.

But the book may or may not be autobiographical, as was Dark Days. In an announcement that also discussed the process of writing and making art overall, the Lamb of God rocker would only confirm that it's non-fiction. Whether that means it will cover his life or something else factual seemingly won't be revealed until later.

"It's been six years since my first book, Dark Days, came out," Blythe began in an Instagram post on Thursday (July 8). "I've been kinda busy but I can't screw around any longer — it's finally time to write a new one. The proposal is done, the publishers accepted it and the contract is hammered out and in the mail."

He continued, "Shit — that means I actually have to write this thing! All I'll say is, A) it's another non-fiction book, and, B) I just spent over two weeks utterly consumed by writing the freaking introduction. 2,296 words in 15 days — that's not a lot, but I want it to be right."

Elsewhere in the message, Blythe praised the information found in the 2002 non-fiction book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, a publication previously extolled by many other artists. By most accounts, it serves as a handy guide for overcoming writer's block.

"If you want to try to be a writer (or pursue any sort of art) but you're too intimidated to start, buy this book," the Lamb of God member added. "I can't recommend it highly enough. Read it. Do what it says. Then sit your ass down in the chair and write — you'll find out eventually if you're any good."

Last month, Blythe led a hardcore cover version of the Prince song "I Would Die 4 U." This summer, Lamb of God head out on the Metal Tour of the Year alongside MegadethTrivium and In Flames.

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