Commercials tend to be the worst part about television. They disrupt whatever you're watching to advertise things you probably won't buy. The least they can do is make them entertaining, right? Ratt have come out of the cellar (ha) for a new Geico commercial, and in addition to the fact that it gives a nod to hair metal, it's actually pretty funny.

In the commercial, a couple sit down and discuss all of the good qualities of their new home. "We do have a rat problem," the man admits. The scene then cuts to Ratt performing the hit "Round and Round" in different areas around the house. Talk about an infestation! Good thing they have Geico.

Watch the clip below.

Ratt are on the bill for a summer hair metal tour with Tom Keifer, Skid Row and Slaughter that's scheduled for later this year throughout June, August and September. It's unclear whether the tour will be affected by the coronavirus just yet, but stay tuned for updates.

Ratt in Geico Commercial

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