Red Fang have definitely emerged over the past year with their powerhouse album 'Whales & Leeches.' With tracks like 'Blood Like Cream' and 'No Hope,' as well as the album opener 'DOEN' leading the way and laying down some heavy grooves, you can tell the guys were raised on rock.

In an exclusive video, the members share with Loudwire some of their obvious and not-so-obvious influences. And while it's easy to pick out the Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath influence, can you guess which of the band members claims Ratt as their first favorite band? Which member says he was raised on Simon & Garfunkel while playing with his toy cars? And who started to embrace his instrument while listening to No Means No?

Watch the video above and find out how each of the aforementioned bands factor into the Red Fang sound. Red Fang's 'Whales and Leeches' album is currently available via Amazon and iTunes. Also be sure to enter our Red Fang giveaway at the bottom of this post.

Watch Red Fang Discuss the 'Blood Like Cream' Video and Much More

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