Portland’s finest, Red Fang, are back with new music! The band has announced the release of Only Ghosts for later this year and have just launched the new track, “Flies.”

Red Fang have been going strong for a decade, releasing three full-length albums and a bunch of EPs and splits. Red Fang’s fourth studio album, Only Ghosts, will hit stores on Oct. 14 via Relapse Records. Production heavyweight Ross Robinson (Slipknot / At the Drive-In) was recruited to man the board for the record, while Joe Barresi (Tool / Queens of the Stone Age) mixed the album.

“Working with Ross and Joe on this record was a huge leap forward for us,” Red Fang relay. “The process was very challenging and rewarding, and I think we’re a better band for it. This album expresses exactly where we’re at. We’re super proud of it and can’t wait for people to hear it!”

“Flies” is a damn heavy new track. While harping on Red Fang’s more recent venture into hard rock, there’s plenty of sludge and tripped-out metal influence to keep those with heavier taste hitting that replay button. Check out the fresh cut below.

Pre-orders for Only Ghosts are now available. Take a look at the album’s track listing below and get ready for some new Red Fang come Oct. 14. The band is expected to announce North American tour dates soon.

Red Fang, "Flies"

Red Fang, Only Ghosts Track List:

1. "Flies"
2. "Cut It Short"
3. "Flames"
4. "No Air"
5. "Shadows"
6. "Not for You"
7. "The Smell of the Sound"
8. "The Deep"
9. "I Am a Ghost"
10. "Living in Lye"

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