You've heard the phrase "feast for a king." Well, what if there were four kings? Red Fang leave us both hungry and disgusted in their new video for 'The Meadows' in which they scarf down a "king's feast" of food.

Watch as the foursome down oysters on a half shell, large amounts of peeled shrimp, generously buttered corn on the cob, steak, fish and to top it all off, they finish by rolling down the street in their finest attire to digest four giant pizza pies.

It may well be the most gluttonous video of all-time, but you know that video shoot had to be a blast. While it did make us hungry, the up-close shots remind us of the parental adage to "chew with your mouth closed."

'The Meadows' is featured on Red Fang's newly released 'Scion A/V Presents Red Fang' EP, which is currently available at this location. Red Fang just announced that they'll be joining Swedish metal outfits Opeth and In Flames for dates this fall. See their tour itinerary here.

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