Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith has been receiving threats in Brazil after an incident at a drum clinic involving a soccer jersey, reports TMZ. When presented with a Flamengo club jersey on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 3), Smith waved the jersey around then stuck it down the back of his pants making a wiping motion and turned his tush with its newly affixed tail to the crowd before tossing the jersey back behind him. Bad move!

The crowd immediately booed the drummer, who was thanking the crowd for the jersey, after the apparently unspeakable deed was done. One fan threw something in Smith's direction, nearly striking the stickman in the head! Though the band has played shows in South America since the incident, it turns out that the video (watch above) is just starting to receive attention as more and more fans are becoming aware of what happened and have plans for revenge.

Threats of violence litter the YouTube video's comments section as various comments intend bodily harm by way of rocks and even death upon Smith as the Chili Peppers are set to play Rio de Janeiro tomorrow night (Nov. 9). While this might seem silly and overblown to some, it is necessary to understand that soccer reaches an almost religious-like mentality in some areas and Smith's act is likely considered blasphemy. These threats are surely not to be taken lightly by the band and security, especially when taking a mob mindset into account.

Recently, Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman Anthony Keidis was involved in an altercation with two security guards in Philadelphia. The security guards were working for the Rolling Stones, who were staying at the same hotel as Kiedis. As the Rolling Stones were exiting the hotel, security was preventing anyone from entering, which included a frustrated Kiedis, who got into a scuffle with one of the guards.