As the founder of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has seen a number of talented musicians over the years, but he recently made the acquaintance of one unlikely student -- a gorilla named Koko, who showed an interest in the bass that Flea played.

The Gorilla Foundation reports, "Koko was thrilled by the mellow sounds and a jamming sessions followed with Koko strumming on Flea's bass." You can watch Koko pick up the bass, begin to examine it and start to figure out how Flea was getting some of those sounds in the video posted above.

"This is just the greatest thing that could ever happen," states Flea in the video. "This is the day that I will never forget in my life." You can watch more of the footage in video tweeted out by Bass Guru below.

Flea also posed for a photo with Koko, stating that the 45-year-old gorilla was his "sweet and true friend." The foundation reports that they expect future collaborations between the pair.

The bassist encouraged fans to purchase a Koko t-shirt to help raise money for the Gorilla Foundation. You can do so at this location.

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