Rev Theory mesh hard rock with neo-grunge on the super moody 'The Fire,' which is both semi mid-tempo and a semi-ballad at the same time. The song is the latest single off the Massachusetts-based current's latest album 'Justice.'

We can imagine many young and in love couples considering 'The Fire' to be "their" song.

So many rock bands before Rev Theory have utilized that whole phoenix metaphor about rising from the ashes and starting over because, hey, fire can be cool when used in the right rock context. The band isn't traversing new lyrical terrain here, but the lyrics are secondary, since the band's songwriting is super tight.

Musically, Rev Theory aren't reinventing the wheel but they do manage to conjure a wellspring of emotion through gloomy riffery and the gritty vocals. It's a contemplative song that will remind listeners of the grunge era, even though their music has a bit more bite. The Rev Theory aren't far removed from Alice in Chains or Staind in that regard.

The quiet/loud formula is certainly something that Rev Theory are deft at. The verses of 'The Fire' smolder slowly before erupting into a full-blown blaze in the choruses. Rev Theory write quality, memorable songs, churning out meat-and-potatoes rock that certainly satisfies the ears. 'The Fire' is one of their most well-constructed and memorable songs.

Listen to Rev Theory, 'The Fire'