Judas Priest have been incredibly proud of their most recent release, Redeemer of Souls, and for good reason as the album features some instant new classics like "Halls of Valhalla." The album came six years after the ambitious double-album Nostradamus and it appears they don't have plans to wait as long to record another album this time around. In an interview with Nova Scotia's Q104, Rob Halford revealed that the band is anxious to get back into the studio and record their follow-up to the dynamic Redeemer of Souls.

"Well, you know, in rock 'n' roll, you've gotta kind of strike while the iron is hot, and that iron has been burning hot for decades for Priest now. It doesn't show any sign of cooling off, I can tell you that. The cool thing about where we're at right now is, of course, having Richie [Faulkner] with us and having gone through that first writing experience together [on Redeemer Of Souls]."

The singer is routinely fired up about the band's "new" guitarist, and doesn't stop there, continuing, "We were so motivated to keep writing as we were going along, but our label had a time schedule for us to keep, so we had to put the brakes on and start recording the songs that we'd written. And with that in mind, we're raring to go again, and I'm sure there'll be another Priest record in the not-too-distant metal future."

Judas Priest considered dialing everything back following the Epitaph tour in 2012, which was intended to be a farewell of sorts. The band planned on scaling back their rigorous touring schedule and taking it a bit easier after four decades of delivering the goods. Fortunately for Priest fans around the world, this proved to not be the case and the band has every intent to keep that iron hot like Halford mentioned.

The British legends will be hitting the road once again starting Oct. 16 with support from Mastodon. To check out a list of North American dates, click here.

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