Judas Priest, like many other bands, have taken advantage of their downtime over the last year to write new music, and Rob Halford describes the material they have as "very potent."

The frontman, who's actively been advocating for the COVID-19 vaccine on social media, discussed what's in store for Priest as the nation begins opening back up during an interview with the Brazilian publication Kazagastao.

"Now the world is opening up, and we need to get back on the road. Because, god, we are so missing our fans," he said, noting that the band haven't seen each other in person in over a year. "So we can't wait to be a band together and start rehearsing and so forth and get ready for some shows."

As for a new Judas Priest record, the vocalist confirmed that they have a lot of demos already.

"It's gonna be a very potent record, 'cause we know we have to follow Firepower. But I've gotta tell you, Firepower turned the metal up for all of us in the band," he explained. "So, as a result of that, we carried all the energy from Firepower, we carried all the energy from the shows, and we took that with us when we went into the writing sessions last March — not this March, but last March — and you can sense it in the writing."

Though he wasn't able to give an actual timeline as far as releasing new music, he teased that it'll be "in the not-too-distant metal future."

"I would say at least the next three to five years, it's Priest, Priest, Priest," the singer enthused about having his future mapped out.

Watch the full conversation below.

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