Welcome to your four-minute crash course in System of a Down! YouTube favorite Rob Scallon is an endless bag of tricks and this week he's delivered a compilation running through every single System of a Down song, playing a riff or two from each; just enough to jog your memory and get these tracks stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Sure, "Chop Suey!" already sounds like a few different songs cut up and stitched back together (that's not a bad thing!), but this video really takes the spastic and erratic riffing of this chaotic four-piece to new heights. The most understated part of this video is Scallon's ability to tear off riff after riff without hesitation, a task far more complicated than it appears.

Another fun way to watch this video is to not watch it at all — stick with us. Close your eyes and take a guess at which song Scallon is currently playing. You may think you know System's catalog inside and out, but when given just a couple seconds of a riff, identifying the song can be tricky.

The guitarist has been all about System of a Down lately. Two weeks ago, he released a hilarious video performing the band's iconic "B.Y.O.B." track in a restaurant full of disgruntled patrons who were not impressed, even though it was a cello version and not the full fury of a plugged in band.

Fans are hoping it won't be too long until Scallon had to add some riffs to his repertoire as System of a Down have reportedly begun working on a new album. This highly-anticipated disc would be the first new material from the group since they released Mezmerize and Hypnotize back in 2005.

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