Uh-oh! There appears to be some sort of mix-up as Rob Scallon, dressed in his beanie cap and Sunday best, along with his friend Effi Guillen enter a lovely little restaurant to provide some tableside tunes for the hungry customers. Unfortunately, the maître d' made the mistake of telling Scallon, "We're totally find with B.Y.O.B. here."

The ever-mindful metalhead interpreted this as a free pass to play some System of a Down for the equally well-dressed patrons. Scallon begins to feverishly pick away at the cello while Guillen smashes his violin against the brick wall, splintering it into dozens of pieces while retaining the neck to use as a makeshift microphone, at least in appearance!

Guillen, sporting an unbuttoned paisley shirt and a Death Symbolic shirt underneath, disrupts quite a few meals, attempting to get the restaurant crowd engaged in the rollicking System track. The restaurant-goers are visibly unamused and unaccepting of "lies from the tablecloth," covering their ears with their hands while giving grinning looks of disapproval.

As expected, the two get thrown out of the restaurant despite, in our opinion, having a strong case to explain how the mishap happened, ultimately turning the blame back on the maître d', but they took their lumps and left.

"B.Y.O.B." was the standout single featured on System of a Down's 2005 album Mezmerize and fans hope the band will be releasing new music sometime soon as the successor to the double release of Mezmerize and Hypnotize. In November, we reported that the group was back in the studio to work on a new album, but little details have emerged otherwise.

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