The ultimate multitasker Rob Zombie will have plenty on his plate for the rest of 2018, but that should make for a bountiful 2019. Zombie recently revealed during an appearance on Eddie Trunk's "Trunk Nation" SiriusXM show that his 3 From Hell film would likely arrive next year, and it appears as though his next studio album will too.

While speaking with Trunk, Zombie revealed (as transcribed by Blabbermouth), "We basically more or less finished the record before I started the movie. We haven't mixed it yet and we haven't put the final touches on it, but it's pretty far along ... We're actually gonna start mixing the record in June, just before the tour [with Marilyn Manson] starts, hopefully finish it — I don't know if I will — go on tour, come back, then [edit] the movie."

Zombie went on to add that both the film and the new album would likely arrive around the same time in early 2019 and he also stressed that his hunger for music is definitely there despite his various projects.

"If you looked at us in a dressing room 10 years ago, 20 years ago, it never changes, cause there's something about remembering why you're doing it," says Zombie. "We have one bus, we all jam together, we don't separate, we all stay in the same dressing room, we all eat together. It's a band, and we do everything like a band. And making a record is important, I think, because we try as hard as we can with every record to make a great record; that's what we do."

Zombie says he's not one for complacency, stating, "You just have to keep trying to reinvigorate your fanbase. You don't wanna go just shit out some record [and go] 'Oh, nobody cares.' They're only gonna care as much as you care, I believe. And if it looks like we put a lot of work into everything and we care and we promote it, people get onboard. It always works. I mean, our set is filled with songs from every single record and they all seem to work just as good. But you have to slowly introduce 'em, get people onboard, like anything else. Because, of course, someone's not gonna like a new song as much as some song they've been listening to for 25 years."

The singer then put the challenge to other acts, stating, "I feel so many bands just throw their hands up in the air and go, 'It's not worth it anymore.' Well, it could be, if you changed your attitude and went in and felt like, 'Let's make the greatest record humanly possible.' I don't understand why artists have to decide, oh, their best days are always behind them. It's always behind them. It's how they always talk. Or they can blame everything — they blame the Internet, they blame the crowd, they blame this. In the '80s, everyone blamed MTV. I remember hearing all the guys [saying], 'Oh, man. We don't wanna make videos. We're not video stars.' And it was, like, 'Jesus Christ, man. Just do your thing and stop crying.'"

That Zombie work ethic will be on display throughout the year, with Rob switching from music and film to the stage this summer. He and his band will be sharing stages with Marilyn Manson on the "Twins of Evil: The Second Coming" tour starting July 11 in Detroit, Mich. See all of their scheduled dates here.

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