Musician/director Rob Zombie has revealed yet another character in the upcoming Munsters movie to faithful fans over the holiday weekend. On Zombie's Instagram Memorial Day (May 30) he posted a cryptic... "After 56 years, he has returned..."

And then he made who the "he" was clear the very next day.

In The Munsters universe, Zombo is a horror movie host (like Elvira is in our universe.) According to Bloody Distgusting, Zombo is Eddie Munster's favorite TV personality.  Introduced in Season 2 of the show, Herman Munster becomes jealous of how much his son loves Zombo, and is desperate to win back Eddie's attention. Hilarity ensues when he tries to one-up Zombo.

It was not revealed as of yet who is playing Zombo in the Rob Zombie movie reboot.  The original Zombo was played by the late actor Louis Nye. Scroll down to a good chunk of OG Zombo in video of House of Zombo.

As the Munsters film approaches, the singer-turned-director continues to offer great insight into the making of the big screen update, and one of his latest postings shows off the makeup work and detailed look for actor Jeff Daniel Phillips, who plays Herman Munster for the film.

Zombie also recently served up "walking tour" video strolling down the set of Mockingbird Lane. The film is expected to be rated "PG" when it arrives later this year.

OG Zombo in the House of Zombo

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