Is there anything better than a totally ridiculous, completely over the top music video that is just so much fun you can't possibly resist? Not really, and here to back this up are Electric Callboy, who are all too familiar with putting out whacky and hysterical videos of their own.

Late last year, the video for "Pump It' first had us wondering, "Has metalcore gone too far?" But we quickly realized that metalcore had simply never gone far enough. It takes on the vibe of late '80s/early '90s workout video tapes and their affinity for tight neon clothes, but with so much more — a drum rack set up around a treadmill, weight plates doubling as guitar bodies and lyrics such as "You better suck it up / Before you suck it in," all of which make it a fist-pumping, bench-pressing gym anthem.

Metal is a genre that can oftentimes take itself too seriously and Electric Callboy are one of the best counterbalances we've got. "Pump It," off their new album Tekkno, isn't the only song with an outrageous video, so you're all in the best hands here as they add some more levity to your day with their picks for 10 Rock + Metal Music Videos That Are Way Too Much Fun.

Get Tekkno here and follow Electric Callboy on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Spotify. Now go have some fun!

Electric Callboy, "Pump It" Music Video

  • Tenacious D - "Beelzeboss"

    Jack Black and Kyle Gass are fighting the devil (played by Dave Grohl) in a "Rock off"! Funny scene, and a great song!

  • Hot Action Cop - "Fever for the Flava"

    It's not about a zombie virus; it's a "horny virus" and the video and the lyrics are just hilarious!

  • Foo Fighters - "Learn to Fly"

    The Foo Fighters members are playing different roles on a plane. Sounds lame but it's so funny! Jack Black and Kyle Gass had a little cameo in the video, too.

  • Blink-182 - "First Date"

    All I can remember is the kissing scene and the lifeguard...I would describe it as "external shame.”

  • Affiance - "Call to the Warrior"

    Playing your own song on Rock Band? Let's go! Such a funny video!

  • Infant Annihilator - "Decapitation Fornication"

    This video is one of the funniest ever! A self-made drum set out of wood and limbs, a limb guitar and funny metalcore moves? That's all you need for an unforgettable music video!

  • Parkway Drive - "Karma"

    The first half of the video is more embarrassing than funny... until they start surfing!

  • Periphery- "Scarlet"

    Torturing in slow motion with a lot of weightless blood and mustard? The most disgusting way of eating burgers and hot dogs in slow motion? Yes, they did it!

  • Iwrestledabearonce - "Boat Paddle"

    A mixture of Star Trek and Power Rangers? An alien butthead that is threatening the world? An oldie but a goodie!

  • Tenacious D – “Tribute”

    Yes, it’s Tenacious D again, and they are telling you a story about one of their songs, which is (in their opinion) the best song in the world! Watch the video ‘till the end! It’s so good.

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