As Wednesday (March 13) progressed, more and more rockers expressed their admiration and love of late Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr, who passed away Tuesday night (March 12). The musician, who was part of the classic Iron Maiden lineup, suffered from multiple sclerosis in the later portion of his life, but still remained in contact with his former bandmates.

The respect for what Burr accomplished with the band and his graciousness toward other musicians has been a repetitive commentary among those who've been offering tributes. Several more postings have turned up from some of metal's top musicians and we offer their commentary below.

Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo offered his sadness at Burr's passing. His posting reads as follows:

Sadness overcame my morning when I heard this news. His style was inspiring and the albums he recorded with Iron Maiden are touchstones of my music education. He played with a particular energy which bought edge and excitement to the Iron Maiden classics.
I never got to meet him, but I wish did. The best thing for me to do right now is listen to some classic Iron Maiden.
Up The Irons!

Machine Head's Dave McClain also offered his personal tribute to Burr. In a Facebook posting, he wrote:

Very sad news. One of my favorite drummers and a huge influence on me as a young drummer. To me, he brought punk rock drumming into heavy metal. I can remember walking into the Hemisphere Arena in San Antonio to see Iron Maiden and seeing Clive's white kit on stage.

I about crapped my pants!

I just stood there in awe looking at the actual kit that I had been staring at on the back of the "Killers" album cover for the whole summer. I was a HAPPY kid!

He will always be an inspiration to my drumming. One of my go-to guys when I'm trying to find different drum fills and beats, or I'll ask myself "what would Clive do?".

RIP Clive

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson offered his condolences via Facebook. His posting reads:

I was so saddened to hear of Clive Burr passing away today. He was one of my all time favorite Metal drummers. I'm thankful for his music and contributions. My condolences....

Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner went a more poetic route in his tribute:

Not a prisoner, I'm a free man
And my blood is my own now
Don't care where the past was
I know where I'm going

Testament, Slayer and Exodus drummer Paul Bostaph spoke of Burr's influence in his posting:

I'm truly saddened to hear of Clive Bur's passing. His drumming has had and still has a strong influence on my playing style. I bummed I never go to meet him and thank him in person for his musical gifts. God speed Clive!

And Shadows Fall skinbeater Jason Bittner offered his own tribute:

REST IN PEACE MR.CLIVE BURR!!!!! My first ever favorite Heavy Metal Drummer!!
So many great beats, grooves, and killer hi hat work..........the man had some fast hands, and will be missed! Up the Irons!!

tweeted that their show this evening will be dedicated to Clive Burr. Meanwhile,
Marilyn Manson's Jeordie White
back-and-forth about their shared love of Maiden, while reflecting on Burr's passing. Each of the tweets can be seen below: