After years of fans pressing Sabaton to formally release their cover of the classic Manowar track "Kingdom Come," the band has obliged.

The cover first came about in 2016 as part of Metal Hammer's 'Decades of Destruction' covers compilation and a music video in partnership with Czech Republic video game developer Warhorse Studios for their Kingdom Come: Deliverance game was made, but the song was never available as a standalone single.

"Our fans have spoken. YOU requested the release of this song everywhere, so this is for all of you," said bassist Pär Sundström. "This recording was meant to be a tribute to Manowar and a collaboration with a video game bearing the same name when we recorded it a few years ago. We are happy to see that you appreciate the song so much, and we have paid attention to your wishes and requests. You asked for it, you got it."

"Kingdom Come" first appeared on Manowar's landmark Kings of Metal album in 1988, their last album to feature the classic lineup of Eric Adams (vocals) Joey DeMaio (bass), Ross the Boss (guitar) and Scott Columbus (drums).

For Sabaton, the official, wide release of the cover song is part of their latest joint single release that also includes "Metal Trilogy," a medley of their songs "Metal Ripper," "Metal Crue" and "Metal Machine."

The Swedish power metal battalion will soon embark on a North American tour providing direct support for Judas Priest on their 50th anniversary jaunt that kicks off in September. See a list of those upcoming dates here.

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