Sacred Reich bassist and vocalist Phil Rind on Monday (May 3) shared a concerning story about his wife, Sandy, and a near-death emergency she recently experienced following a critical brain injury. With that, the musician launched a crowdfunding campaign to help with her recovery.

That means fans of the veteran Phoenix thrash metal act have an a way to support the Rind family, as Sandy now needs "complete care," Phil says. "She is speaking a bit, but it is difficult. She cannot feed herself and is on a purée diet. She will need to relearn how to walk."

On Sacred Reich's social media outposts this week, Phil began by explaining, "I am sorry to have to share this news. Sandy is the kindest, sweetest, most compassionate and badass person I have ever known. Our family can use some help. Please share and donate if you can. We thank you for your love and support."

He revealed more on the GoFundMe page for Sandy's recovery, outlining how, on the morning of March 22, he tried to wake his wife but found her unresponsive. In septic shock and suffering from a lack of oxygen, Sandy's organs were starting to fail as she was transported to the hospital. She was in a coma for a week before finally waking up.

"The positive news is that Sandy is improving," Phil says, "but still has a very long way to go. … Sandy has been in the hospital for six weeks so far. She will be moved to a rehab facility when she leaves the hospital" for physical, occupational and neurological rehab.

He adds of Sandy's occupation and attributes, "Sandy has been a critical care nurse for over 15 years. She has worked in trauma, ICU, rapid response team, Neuro ICU and the ER. She is a total badass! She has been saving lives and caring for others for a long time. Her strength, courage, and compassion have guided her life. I believe those same traits helped her to survive."

In 2019, Sacred Reich released Awakening, their first studio album in 23 years. Fans can donate to Sandy's recovery at As of this posting, the fundraiser is nearing halfway to its goal of $100,000.

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