We're just one week away from the release of Hegemony, the 11th studio album from Swiss blackened industrialists Samael. Throughout the years, they've shifted their style, delving heavily into electronic territory at times and in recent years, they've embraced the multifaceted sounds from across their career. Forging ahead, the band has teamed up with Loudwire to bring you the 360 degree visualizer for the title track off their forthcoming record.

Musically, "Hegemony" embraces the very definition of the word with grandiose synths set to a rigid, imperial, marching beat. The more cinematic elements of the track clash with muscular chord progressions, invoking images of a small hive-mind collective sitting tableside as they calmly seize control of a crumbling world. Vorph, in his gritty almost spoken word-like cadence declares, "World domination / The final victory / We rule over nations / Establish supremacy / World domination / The final victory / We rule over nations / It’s our hegemony / It’s our hegemony."

"This is our grand overture. We choose to open the album with this song because we thought it sets the tone: square rhythm, martial beat, massive guitar riffs, intricate keyboards arrangements, powerful orchestration all that meshed with aggressive and relentless vocal lines. This is our 'Hegemony'... enjoy," said Samael collectively.

Hegemony will be released on Oct. 13 through Napalm Records and pre-orders for the album are available now at the label's webstore. Stay up to date with everything Samael by following the band on Facebook.

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