Pop star Lady Gaga is quite the hot commodity in the metal world. Earlier this year, she performed with Metallica at the Grammy awards, leading drummer Lars Ulrich to express a desire to work with the singer in the future. James Hetfield stated he has "no interest" in the matter and Kirk Hammett remained skeptical, focusing on the present, which leaves the door open for... Anthrax?

"Yes, we would love to work with Lady Gaga," said guitarist Scott Ian with a chuckle while speaking Duke TV (video below). He said the band "put that out there a while ago" prior to the news breaking regarding the Grammy performance pairing. "And I actually thought she was great on it," Ian added.

Commenting on the power of Gaga's voice, the Anthrax six-stringer said he had thought to himself, "Wow, I would really love to hear her sing on a rock record, metal record, whatever.' And then our drummer, Charlie [Benante], ended up meeting her at a show and they became friends. And she knows all about Anthrax and Metallica and all these bands… whoever — name the band. She's a metalhead. So that made it even cooler. The fact that, all right, she knows that world, she understands that world, and she can sing the s--t out of this kind of music."

While he's uncertain if Gaga and Metallica do plan on working together again, Ian went on, "But we would certainly love to write a song together, or a whole album. Let us be your backing band. Let us be your backing band, Lady Gaga. We could make beautiful music together."

For now, at least, Anthrax's biggest collaborative moment came in 1991 when they teamed up with hip-hop icons Public Enemy on the song "Bring the Noise," which then led to a joint tour with the groups performing the track together onstage together throughout the run.

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