Anthrax's Scott Ian and his wife, Pearl Aday, have been hard at work on a variety of music projects, and we got updated on a few of those endeavors during our chat with the couple at the Revolver Golden Gods. 

For one, Ian has been writing with Anthrax for their next album, and he gave us the latest update on the forthcoming disc. In addition, he and Aday also spoke about their participation in the upcoming Corey Taylor Roast at Rock on the Range this year and revealed that they've joined the band Mother Superior, who came to fame as Henry Rollins' band back in the '90s. Check out our chat with Anthrax's Scott Ian and Pearl Aday below:

So, Anthrax are working on a new album. Where does the band stand as far as the writing and recording?

Scott Ian: Not in the studio yet, but we're still writing. We're still writing songs, but we haven't given ourselves an end date yet. But we're at 17 songs now and I would like to think at this point that maybe we could get to 20 and then maybe record 20 songs when we go in the studio and perhaps record two albums worth of material.

We're not releasing a double album, but it would be cool to have an album and then a really cool jump on the next one if all ten [additional songs] don't make the next record. I'm actually making this up as I go right now, but we do have a lot of songs and hopefully we'll start recording in August.

And Anthrax also has a new DVD coming as well…

Scott Ian: Yes, you're the first one to ask about that 'Chile En Hell.' It's still in the editing process and we don't have a release date set yet but I've seen the edit and it looks great. It definitely captured that night.

For both of you, I saw that you're both taking part in the Corey Taylor roast at Rock on the Range. Do you already have your material ready?

Pearl Aday: We're working on it. We've got some good stuff compiled so far …

Scott Ian: … Especially in the last few days. We've been cracking each other up in the house and there's a lot of 'Ohhhhhhh…. ' kind of things. It's evil, evil. But it's a roast and our intent is to be brutal.

Pearl Aday: It's all in fun.

Scott Ian: Yeah, cause I really want to hurt people's feelings with a big smile on my face.

For both of you, do you remember your first time ever meeting the character that is Corey Taylor?

Scott Ian: I could be wrong, but I think the first time I met him was when we played together in Boston in 1999. We did a radio show together at the old Avalon club and I think that was the first time we met those dudes. He might have a different story, but I think that's the first time I met him. And we had a great time that night, just hanging out. He was still drinking back then and we had a blast.

We've been friends and I was already a fan of Slipknot's before I met them. We've been friends a long time and I'm not just talking "band guy" friends, we're actually "friends friends" that hang out at each other's houses and eat dinner and talk about non-music things.

And Pearl, a new record as well?

Pearl Aday: Yeah, we're almost finished with a new one and did we talk about Mother Superior yet?

Scott Ian: No, not yet.

Pearl Aday: And we're both [Scott and I] in a band that we just finished music for and it's called Mother Superior. It's a band that was around for 10 years with one of the members Jim Wilson. They were The Rollins Band for a while, too. But they're coming back better and stronger with new players and we just finished that album and it'll be out soon.

What was your first experience with Mother Superior?

Pearl Aday: I was a fan of their music and when I met Scott in 2000, he was friends with them. And I think the first time I saw them was at the Viper Room and [Scott] wanted to introduce me because I was such a dorky fan, so we went to see them play and we just became friends from there on. We've been friends ever since. And I've been writing music with Jim Wilson for years now.

Scott Ian: They were The Rollins Band for 'Get Some Go Again' and I think the record after that. They were The Rollins Band for about six or seven years probably, and that was the first time I had heard about it because Henry [Rollins] had gotten a new band. And then I found out, 'Who are these guys? Oh, they have their own band,' and that was Mother Superior and that's how Henry found out about them, so then I got way into Mother Superior and like Pearl said, we're just dorky, dorky fans and now we're in the band with Jim Wilson, so there you go.

We've got Axl Rose and Joan Jett being honored here tonight. Fans of either, both?

Scott Ian: Fans of both, for sure. Big fans for sure. Joan Jett has kind of been a mainstay since I was a kid, and Guns N' Roses, too. I got into that band pretty early before it broke, way before 'Appetite' got big, I was into that record. So their honors are both well deserved.

Our thanks to Anthrax's Scott Ian and Pearl Aday. Keep an eye out for both Anthrax and Mother Superior's upcoming music. And to catch Ian and Aday taking a few jabs at Taylor, you can get tickets for the Corey Taylor Roast on the Range bash here.

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