Yesterday we reported that former Kyuss members Joshua Homme (guitar) and Scott Reeder (bass) had filed a federal lawsuit against Kyuss Lives! claiming trademark infringement and consumer fraud over vocalist John Garcia and drummer Brant Bjork continuing to use the Kyuss name. In an official message released by the two they noted that this was not what they wanted to do but felt they were left with no choice but to take legal action.

A day later, after the dust has settled and everyone has had a chance to weigh in with their personal opinions through social networking outlets, Blabbermouth reports that Reeder has taken to his Facebook page to respond further to both the positive and negative feedback over the filing:

"Maaaaaaan, I've been called every foul name in the book, and all I did was make a choice to stand up to defend and retain small rights that I should be able to keep sacred and unhindered for the rest of my life and beyond. I didn't have much of a choice: lose all of the rights in two weeks, or keep them forever. I didn't choose to be in this situation at all — I was forced to react very quickly with a looming deadline, and it's been rough. I saw people bitterly divided over this stupid stuff… crazy. But the overwhelming support from friends and family was very much appreciated and needed. Thank you."

The remaining members of Kyuss Lives! have yet to comment publicly.

So what do you think, based on what’s been disclosed, who’s in the wrong here?