After revealing recently that he would be open to reuniting with Velvet Revolver, singer Scott Weiland has apparently taken his position behind the microphone for the band that had yet to replace him.

It's been over four years since Scott Weiland parted ways with Velvet Revolver and their 2008 split was anything but civil. Despite how ugly things got on the band's last tour together, they reunited for a one-off benefit performance in Hollywood this past January and proved that patching up the differences they once had was not impossible. According to a new report they have done just that.

Scott Weiland tells ABC News Radio that he is once again the vocalist for the supergroup comprised of himself and former members of Guns N' Roses. “We’ve all grown a lot,” explains Weiland. “We’re able to put egos and differences and old…conflicts aside and so that’s really cool.”

In addition to touring with Stone Temple Pilots this year, Weiland says that Velvet Revolver is going to hit the road as well. “Slash’s solo album gets released [on May 22] and so he’s gonna do some touring on that and then we’re gonna go and do some [Velvet Revolver] shows in the later part of summer into early fall."

The band released two albums -- 'Contraband' and 'Libertad' -- during their initial five year run, and Weiland reveals that despite having just rejoined the band -- they are already beginning work on the third. “They gave me a couple of songs and myself and [guitarist] Dave [Kushner] and [bassist] Duff [McKagan] are gonna be getting together for a song writing session next week.”

Velvet Revolver spent the years following Weiland's exit unsuccessfully searching for his replacement, while all members worked on other projects. The fact that VR has reunited isn't a death sentence for Stone Temple Pilots though -- as Weiland previously revealed, he plans on fronting both bands.

Update: Slash is denying that Velvet Revolver have reunited with Scott Weiland. When told of Weiland's comments in a radio interview, the guitarist claimed the singer was 'out of his mind.' Click here to read Slash's full reaction.


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