It's all played out and the respective members have gone their separate ways. Scott Weiland formed a band called The Wildabouts and they have a new album called Blaster en route this week. Meanwhile, his former Stone Temple Pilots bandmates recruited longtime fan Chester Bennington of Linkin Park fame to take over on vocals after parting ways with Weiland. Lawsuits followed. They were eventually settled, but what started the whole downfall?

Weiland recalls his ousting from Stone Temple Pilots in a new interview with Canada's QMI Agency. The rocker states, "It's just a shame how it happened. I said I needed six months off. I felt we needed six months off in order to do a 20th year anniversary tour and that 20th anniversary tour didn't end up happening and I said, 'Okay, then we need to make a new record because we can't go on just playing the greatest hits set. It's not going to work. We're losing our fanbase. Our guarantees are starting to go down.'"

The singer says he assumed that all of the band members were on the same page when they headed into the break, but that ended up not being the case. "They got different management and things just soured," says the vocalist. "[I've known them] since I was a teenager. Crazy things happen especially when you end up getting different management. People see things one way and a lot of times how things are portrayed to the band members are through the goggles of management and filtered through that and that's what you end up hearing."

These days, Weiland is gearing up for a new album and trying to navigate the rock world in his post-STP days. As for where he stands, the rocker explained, "I think we fit somewhere between Queens of the Stone Age and my Jack White sort of project, but with my melodies. Rock 'n' roll, but garage indie rock 'n' roll."

Take a listen for yourself, as Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts' Blaster album arrives in stores this week.

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