Fans heading out to see Sebastian Bach on tour this summer will find one thing missing – guitarist Nick Sterling. The young guitarist who was a creative contributor on Bach’s latest solo disc ‘Kicking & Screaming’ seems to have left the building. In a new interview, Bach explains how things went downhill fast with his guitar player and the events that led up to his exit.

On Aug. 3, Sterling posted on his Facebook page that he’d be missing an upcoming show, explaining, “There were some contractual issues that we just couldn't work out. No hard feelings.” When Wisconsin based radio station 93 Rock asked Sebastian about that statement and Sterling's status for an upcoming show, Bach responded, “He will not be back for Monday, and he's not sitting out any shows."

Bach said it all stemmed from a television broadcast the band was scheduled to perform on that would have provided a lot of exposure as well as footage for an upcoming DVD. All the band members had to sign a release for filming, but Sterling held out. Bach recounts talking to Sterling a few days before the show, saying, “I'm like, 'Dude, we're filming this in two days. You have to sign this.' And he guaranteed to me on the phone that he would sign it and be a part of it.” Bach continued, “Then when we got to soundcheck, he wouldn't sign the release. So we could not film the show with him; he wouldn't let us. He wanted all these sorts of demands that nobody else in the band wanted that were completely unreasonable.”

Bach found the behavior unacceptable, explaining, “I've been doing this for 25-30 years and all I ask is that somebody is a professional in my band and has it together on stage and doesn't wreck it for the rest of us, which is what he did in L.A. the other day."

Bach doesn’t seem to be harboring any ill feelings though, saying, “I wish Nick all the best. I hope he can figure out how to be the type of man, as a human being, to other people as the incredible musician as he is on stage. He's an amazing, amazing guitar player.” However, Bach had this to say to the young musician, “If you can't honor your word and can't be a team player and consider all the other musicians on stage and the business side of things and how much effort people put into doing a live broadcast across the country, and then you just decide not to do it, like, an hour before the show, I don't wanna play with you anymore. And that's the way it is. I'm not into fighting all the time. So if you wanna fight with me, it's not gonna last too long.”