It looks like we may see Sebastian Bach as part of our regularly scheduled TV viewing once again. Earlier this week Bach participated in the filming for a new TV pilot for a show called ‘Beverly Hills Rock Royalty.’

‘Beverly Hills Rock Royalty’ is a newly proposed reality show based around Royal Order; the rock ‘n’ roll inspired jewelry line created by Cheryl Rixon Davis. The successful line is known for outfitting rockers like Steven Tyler, Paul Stanley and Dave Navarro. Davis, a former model and singer, is married to club owner Art Davis. Bach is currently living in their home after an invite from Cheryl, a long time friend, explaining his involvement in the show and the pilot.

Bach has become reality show royalty with runs on many different shows, the earliest being ‘Supergroup’ on VH1 in 2006 where he played in a band and lived with several other famous rockers like Scott Ian of Anthrax and Ted Nugent. He also participated in the country reality show ‘Gone Country’ as well as ‘Celebrity Fit Club.’

Bach seems to have changed his mind since the last time we spoke to him in August of 2011 when he told us that he didn’t see himself on another reality show, saying, “I really hope not but people keep asking me when I’m going back to TV. TV is such a disposable art form, nobody cares.” Perhaps he’s had a change of heart or he’s just helping out an old friend, either way, we look forward to seeing him on TV again!

Check Out This Photo Of Bach Filming the Pilot of ‘Beverly Hills Rock Royalty’