Only one more week until Septicflesh release their ninth studio album, 'Titan.' The Greek symphonic death metal act will blow your minds with 'Titan,' which features the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Children's Choir. To celebrate, we're premiering an exclusive piece of the album's deluxe version, which features five orchestra-only tracks that mash up various pieces of 'Titan.' For the first time anywhere, we're bringing you 'Dogma of Prometheus.'

One incredible aspect of Septicflesh is not only do they fit symphonic music brilliantly into their brand of death metal, but guitarist Christos Antoniou composes the orchestration himself. Septicflesh's 2011 opus, 'The Great Mass,' demonstrates Antoniou's compositions beautifully, with the Prague Philharmonic bringing the guitarist's work to life.

The two entities have joined forces once again for 'Titan,' creating perhaps Septicflesh's most focused and cohesive album to date. To keep the buzz fresh, Septicflesh have offered a full stream of 'Titan' through various international websites. However, we're the first to bring you a piece of the orchestral bonus 'Dogma of Prometheus.'

Check out the bonus track in the player below and look out for Septicflesh's 'Titan' on June 24. To pre-order the record, visit the Prosthetic Records website, where mail orders of 'Titan' have already begun shipping. Or, head over to iTunes to grab both the deluxe and standard versions of 'Titan.'

Septicflesh, 'Dogma of Prometheus'